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Field Day!

Ah. It was just one of those days when we get bored and decide to head somewhere we really do not usually go to. Trip lang na biglaan kung baga.

And while looking at the pictures, bigla kong narealize, it is also these days that I am really going to miss when I leave. Syempre, bukod sa mga kasama ko. Di naman sa mawawala ako o mamayapa na, basta, sana walang magbago.

Anyway, whatever will be, will be. One thing is for sure. I do love these guys.

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A Night with D5

Indeed, true friends do not forget each other despite time, distance, and priorities.

I am lucky to have d5.

Today, we spent the night together and brought back memories when we were younger. It was a no holds barred conversation ranging from love to sex. All in the name of fun reminiscences.

Sometimes, I wish things did not change among us— that we never grew old and led separate lives. Knowing them and being with them brought out the best in myself. And for that, I am forever thankful.

Right now, I wish the friendships I have with other people may develop into what I have with d5— genuine, understanding, two-folds.